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  1. Okay Bas, V4 done. That large medipak just before the final battle is perfect. Everyone will be able to finish the game now. Go and enjoy your release, it's an amazing tribute to the original Tomb Raider game.
  2. I'm just about to test V4 Bas. Will report back when done.
  3. Relax mate, we're looking 2 to 3 months away yet.
  4. Beta testing is done, we're on the final gameplay check run through before release. It's amazing.
  5. TC, I take it you're good for the beta test? I'm going to open a private beta testing forum here when the time comes. I'm going to need 3 or 4 good testers. Will you have time? Up for it?
  6. We have a working, stabilised level! Just a couple of small fixes to do and then it's on to Blue Alert. What an amazing game.
  7. Oh, there was only one end of level, but there were two ways to get to it.
  8. Morning TC. I think I've figured out a few things. I was scratching my head quite a lot, wondering how things worked and wondering why some things didn't appear to work. Yesterday morning while looking at the map, I found a trigger for a camera which didn't exist. That got me worried. Then last night I found a grey floor tile. It hadn't been there before. I checked triggers on a switch next to it and found a trigger for a smash object. There is no smash object in the level. I clicked on the Trigger to Object button and it took me to a light bulb. There had been a raising block there but it was gone from the map. On the next play through a pushblock had sunk into the floor and had lost collision. When Lara tried to push it, she fell inside it. The level is crashing, TC, that's the problem. There were nearly 240 rooms. Just too much stuff. I need to cut it back a little bit to stabilise it. Jon is a blighter for pushing the Editor beyond its limits.
  9. TC, I think he has built two different ways to finish the level. That's the problem I've been running into. If you do it one way, you don't need to do it the other way, which explains all the anomalies. Okay, I think I have things under control now.
  10. I think you're right, and I think Jon left off building around here somewhere. The biggest issue I have is triggers on switches. I think the safe limit used to be 6 or 7 before you risked hitting random problems with some of the triggers not working. Jon has I think over 15 things triggered on one switch. It's a painstaking job seeing what each switch does, checking every trigger, picking some to stay on that switch and moving the other triggers somewhere else. He's a bit of a man for overloading the Editor and pushing limits.
  11. Mr Guts is a bit like that. He even swallowed a piece of banana one morning, but judging by the look on his face I don't think he liked it.
  12. I must try to get out more in blizzards with my camera. I prefer sitting in my cosy office too much these days. I didn't know ducks liked soft apples. The blackbirds like apples.
  13. Yes, I'm using your files. There are a few problems. If you go for the silver secret without a fuse, you're stuck, gameplay killer. There were 3 fuses in the level, but only 2 fuse puzzle slots. I've retextured the puzzle hole 6 and I've changed a few level switches to wheel switches with the puzzle hole 6. I have the game pretty much ready up until the Cargo Bay. Did you know you can go to the next level without the harpoon gun? I'm not sure that was meant to be. I've also found 3 small alcoves with switch textures in them but no switches or pickups, so Jon obviously had plans for them. One of the secrets didn't register or sound. I've found the Captains Key and accessed that area, but didn't find anything to do in there. The flames in the small room where the chains are, where you shoot the lock off the door, I can't find a way to turn them off. Quite a few little things, but it's coming together.
  14. All these photos are available through Shutterstock.
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