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  1. Good one. :D
  2. Titak

    Harpoon issue

    harpoon_sounds.zip Please try these. They should have the original TRLE format now. (I've been using another format since I implemented the FLEP patch that allows for higher quality samples)
  3. Can't wait to play this one!
  4. Titak

    Harpoon issue

    Ugh... that sounds issue again when using objects from someone else.... My sounds are not in the default TRLE format. I'll see if I can change them. The sounds are also from TRU if I remember correctly. Because that game had the harpoongun.
  5. Titak

    Harpoon issue

    Which TRNG version are you using btw? Mine is Can't remember when the harpoongun thingy was implemented... Going through my script now. *** EDIT *** Got it. It is the Customize= CUST_HARPOON, ***** script. :D
  6. ResetHub will work. It is for cases like this where something Lara-related changes. And if you need her to keep her complete inventory (including keys and puzzle-items) you can use PreserveInventory= ENABLED in the same level you are using the ResetHub= in.
  7. Ah, crossbow was included... Oh dear. Hold on... *** EDIT *** I've sent you a PM. :D
  8. Was the harpoon gun included in the download? Including the CROSSBOW_ANIM? You can customize the harpoon gun if you want using a script for it. Same for the ammo. Here's what I'm using for my harpoon gun: Customize= CUST_HARPOON, HRP_DOUBLE_AMMO+HRP_DISABLE_LASER_SIGHT, IGNORE, IGNORE, IGNORE, IGNORE, IGNORE, 150, IGNORE So my harpoon gun only uses regular arrows and explosive arrows. And this ammo can also be customized using the Customize= CUST_AMMO, CROSSBOW_AMMO1_ITEM, ******* command Btw, AgentXP made a very good HD remake pack of the Sleeping with the Fishes textures: https://www.trsearch.org/item/4534 In case you are interested.
  9. Titak

    Slicer Dicer

    Ah, good to hear that trick works.
  10. Btw, Lara is still wearing her wetsuit in the outdoor screens of Avalon. She will ofcourse be wearing it when first arriving on Avalon, but she will change clothes very soon after that. It'll be the outfit seen in the last three screens. There's one game that uses a whole bunch of new stuff as well: http://www.trle.net/sc/levelfeatures.php?lid=3122
  11. Pfew, got them all posted now. Just a few screens...
  12. They are indeed 128x128 textures. Thanks.
  13. Remnants of Atlantis A "platforming" section involving collumns of water. Another water related puzzle. One main area. You have to drain it at some point. The "temple" in the middle is for a pushables puzzle. But it will not be your regular type of pushable. The Red Garden. And a more traditional pushables puzzle. Mists of Avalon The little beach you arrive at. The Tor The underground section of Avalon:
  14. Yep yep, still working on this one... It has grown a lot even though I haven't expanded on the initial ideas for locations. But I did have to split locations due to limits of some sort and by doing so just about each split resulted in full levels... STORY Lara continues her search for Avalon and the Stone of Omphalis that was, legend has it, brought to the Tor by the people of Atlantis who fled Atlantis when it was destroyed. But, as it usually goes, Lara is not the only one trying to find Avalon. Gideon Barrett is on Lara's heels pretty much all the time. Gideon Barrett is a collector and adventurer and will do whatever it takes to reach his goals. But so does Lara... LEVELS 0. Croft Manor [WIP] One level used for training purposes. This time you will be able to explore the lands behind the manor. There will be gardens, an assault course and a racetrack. You can practice and see all new moves for Lara here, and there will be puzzles to solve as well as secrets to collect. You can access this level through the "Croft Manor" entry in the Main Menu of the game. 1. Cutscene 1 - Previously in Mists of Avalon: Techroom cutscene from the end of "First Clues" . [WIP] 2. Cutscene 2 - Arriving at the coast and getting information from Zip and Alister [WIP] 3. Seagull Bay [WIP - 2 levels] 4. King Arthur's Tomb? [WIP - 3 levels] 5. Seagull Bay [WIP - 2 levels: it will be nighttime now] 6. Remnants of Atlantis [WIP - 3 levels: 1 underwater level, 2 ruins and caves)] 7. Cutscene 3 - Arriving at Avalon and meeting Morgana [WIP] 8. Mists of Avalon [WIP - 4 levels. Exploring part of the island, finding the way into the underground caves and going through said caves to locate the Stone of Omphalis)] The first time you visit Seagull Bay it will be mostly exploring and platforming. There is one major puzzle you need to solve in order to get to the Kiung Arthur's Tomb? levels. Those levels are exploring but you will also encounter more puzzles, traps and enemies. Once you get back to Seagull Bay, it will start with shooting the breeze out of Gideon's goons. After a couple puzzles you'll be able to leave with the dingy the goons left at the jetty near the fisherman's hut. Atlantis starts with an underwater section and then goes on to caves and the ruins of my version of Atlantis. Lots of puzzles, some traps and some enemies. When Lara finds and releases the little boat that used to take the priests and priestesses back and forth between Avalon and the main land, she will finally arrive at Avalon. TOOLS TRNG with a couple of plugins, like both of AkyV's plugins and tJMN's Classic Ring Inventory plugin. I'm also using FLEP for customized smoke-emitters (for waterfall effects and such) and coloured reflection and caustic effects. Meta2TR will be used for enhancing the details in the graphics. STATUS I am currently working on the final level of Avalon. After finishing that I still have to do pretty much ALL cutscenes and then I'll run the levels through Meta2TR for the finishing touches. So... this game won't be finished any time soon... SCREENSHOTS Seagull Bay King Arthur's Tomb? This room has been heavily edited with Meta2TR. Statue, arches, ceiling etc couldn't be done in the wad. A fire trap where you have to be patient and use Lara's new moves on the tightrope: Remnants of Atlantis Doors that need to be opened to gain access to the rest of the ruins. The gap around the disks need to be filled using Meta2TR. Texturing on them also needs some work.
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