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  1. Awww... Thanks! Did have a good one. My parents arrived yesterday afternoon and they stayed until today, when my brother and his family and my grandfather also visited.
  2. Titak

    Harpoon issue

    harpoon_sounds.zip Please try these. They should have the original TRLE format now. (I've been using another format since I implemented the FLEP patch that allows for higher quality samples)
  3. Can't wait to play this one!
  4. Sorry. Too busy with work and studies. But when it comes to technical support I don't mind being on standby. Provided TRNG is used that is... Don't know anything about TREP anymore...
  5. Titak

    Harpoon issue

    Ugh... that sounds issue again when using objects from someone else.... My sounds are not in the default TRLE format. I'll see if I can change them. The sounds are also from TRU if I remember correctly. Because that game had the harpoongun.
  6. Titak

    Harpoon issue

    Which TRNG version are you using btw? Mine is Can't remember when the harpoongun thingy was implemented... Going through my script now. *** EDIT *** Got it. It is the Customize= CUST_HARPOON, ***** script. :D
  7. ResetHub will work. It is for cases like this where something Lara-related changes. And if you need her to keep her complete inventory (including keys and puzzle-items) you can use PreserveInventory= ENABLED in the same level you are using the ResetHub= in.
  8. Ah, crossbow was included... Oh dear. Hold on... *** EDIT *** I've sent you a PM. :D
  9. Was the harpoon gun included in the download? Including the CROSSBOW_ANIM? You can customize the harpoon gun if you want using a script for it. Same for the ammo. Here's what I'm using for my harpoon gun: Customize= CUST_HARPOON, HRP_DOUBLE_AMMO+HRP_DISABLE_LASER_SIGHT, IGNORE, IGNORE, IGNORE, IGNORE, IGNORE, 150, IGNORE So my harpoon gun only uses regular arrows and explosive arrows. And this ammo can also be customized using the Customize= CUST_AMMO, CROSSBOW_AMMO1_ITEM, ******* command Btw, AgentXP made a very good HD remake pack of the Sleeping with the Fishes textures: https://www.trsearch.org/item/4534 In case you are interested.
  10. Titak

    Slicer Dicer

    Ah, good to hear that trick works.
  11. Btw, Lara is still wearing her wetsuit in the outdoor screens of Avalon. She will ofcourse be wearing it when first arriving on Avalon, but she will change clothes very soon after that. It'll be the outfit seen in the last three screens. There's one game that uses a whole bunch of new stuff as well: http://www.trle.net/sc/levelfeatures.php?lid=3122
  12. Pfew, got them all posted now. Just a few screens...
  13. They are indeed 128x128 textures. Thanks.
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