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  1. George

    Brora Harbour

    All images available through Adobe Stock
  2. George


    I don't do selifes
  3. George


    Canoeing on Loch Brora again. Started off like a Mill pond, mirror surface, not a breath of wind. When I reached the end of the loch the wind picked up and I had to battle into a strong head wind all the way back. That's just the way life is sometimes. Brilliant day out again and some nice photos.
  4. George


    Here's a photo of Arkle and Loch Stack I stopped for on the way over to Handa Island this week.
  5. George


    Just back from a paddle on Loch Brora. Bit windy, struggled paddling upwind, but it was fun cruising back down the loch with the wind behind me.
  6. A new job! Brilliant news.
  7. George

    Embo Beach

    This is a dark green fritillary, a butterfly I managed to photo while walking Embo beach.
  8. Apologies, I think Raider X must have been caught by the natives and whacked into a jungle prison with the guide somewhere. I might have to send Lara back in to try and find him.
  9. George

    Handa Island

    Handa Island is an adventure. The birds are nesting just now and I was able to get some photos of puffins, razorbills, guillemots, fulmars, great skuas and arctic skuas. I even managed a decent shot of Suilven. I'm going back there again soon. Excellent day out. Boat trips are from Tarbet. All these images and many more are available through Adobe Stock
  10. George

    Dunrobin Glen

    All photos available through Adobe Stock
  11. The River Brora, the Black Water, and the Balnacoil Lodge. All images available through Adobe Stock
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