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  1. Very first screenshot from my 4th level. Lots to do here yet.
  2. A couple of minor tweaks. I think the wings of the dove were too close to the edge of the image for printing purposes. Don't think you'll notice the others.
  3. This works for me. I should finish my final proof read today.
  4. With the final drafts of Paradise and Autism and the Truth now included in the third book of my Walking by the Spirit trilogy, I've decided to publish it in hard copy, both paperback and hardback. I'm on the final proof read of Let There Be Light before sending the manuscript off. This is time consuming work, and expensive as I'm paying for it, so be patient, it may take some time before the book is available in hard copy. I've also been working on the cover artwork and thought you might like to see my design. The photo was taken on Brora beach with the Fuji 16-55mm, an absolutely gorgeous lens, and it was in fact the very first photo I ever took with that lens, so this cover design is very special to me. The dove obviously represents the gift of holy spirit and the energising of that spiritual power by speaking in tongues which brings light into our dark world. I'll start work on the text tomorrow.
  5. Hello mate, really good to see you again. I'm taking my time with this 4th level. I'm quietly pleased with it and I think it's going to turn out just fine. I'll post some screen shots when I get the first area built, but it's huge so it will take some time. Yeah, I'd recommend playing through my 3 levels to give you a feel for the game before starting your level. I have one secret in each level, a secret skull. I'm also only using the bog standard TR4 animations, no new animations at all, and I like how it plays. You will see what I mean when you play the levels through. It just plays so well without all the fancy stuff.
  6. George

    Spring in Brora

    Nothing says spring is here quite like lambs scampering around in the fields and hatched birds eggs lying on the ground. Not sure if this is blackbird, thrush, robin or starling, but whatever it is, it has hatched and there is new life in the world.
  7. George

    Brora photos

    Brora beach this morning. Summer is here I guess.
  8. George

    Brochs Chat

    True story. A week later and my life is changing yet again. Not only am I not going to be photographing any more brochs, I'm selling all my camera gear. I'm keeping my X100V, but the rest is being sold. Job done. Never once occurred to me that the brochs was a job that had an ending until after I crossed the finish line.
  9. I'm trying to get a waterfall texture to animate. Done it a thousand times but can't get it to work in my new level. Full Rotate, MaxFPS, uvrotate 8, applied double sided transparent, small room off to the side with texture applied normally. Doesn't animate in game. Anyone help? Would putting UNrotate into the script fix it? I have waterfalls working in the first level without scripts. Perplexed.
  10. We have just spent another couple of days at Kildonan. Here is our equipment ready for the hike into the hills, and my gold.
  11. This is now published as part of my class, Let there be Light.
  12. George


    This is now published as part of my class, Let there be Light.
  13. Take your time, I have a really excellent level going here.
  14. George

    Brochs Chat

    Well, there is a funny thing. Living with the Picts for 16 years and photographing their brochs has been quite an adventure. However, now that I've pieced it all together, understand the Picts, their brochs and their way of life, have found the site of the battle of Mons Graupius, and finally understand what paradise actually is, I've lost interest in photographing any more brochs because the job is finished. It's done. I'm going to sort out the website and continue with the reconstruction of what's already there, but I don't think I'm going to bother photographing any more brochs because my job is finished. It's time to move on and find something else.
  15. And yes, we did pan a little gold
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