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  1. George

    Misc 2020

    Mr Crab playing golf this morning down the beach.
  2. George


    Bin day today. They steal all our money and empty our bins for us so we don't notice.
  3. I wonder who the seal is looking at?
  4. George


    Time for something to eat. Let's go raid the pantry.
  5. George


    I'm sure there's a logical reason. Hope they were all okay in the car.
  6. George


    Could someone please explain to me how this is even possible???
  7. George


    A couple of greys enjoying quiet time after lunch.
  8. George

    Hi Stranger

    And don't forget to post some screenshots!
  9. George

    Hi Stranger

    I know the floating around routine Covid isn't strange, it's just another flu. It was used to push legislation through worldwide giving governments the legal right to evoke martial law and declare curfews whenever they please. Now that those laws are in place, they don't give a fuck about us and we're all free to catch it. When people wake up and reaiise what's going on behind their backs in the name of world peace, one world governance and an end to poverty, there are going to be major riots, hence their need to have these new laws in place. Stay away from freemasonry mate, and avoid religio
  10. George

    Hi Stranger

    Is it really 12 years? Hey, want to know something? I thought you were one of the most talented young level builders I'd ever come across and thought you would make a brilliant games designer professionally. Glad you're back mate and I'll be playing your new game for sure. Can't believe that was 12 years ago. Wow, time sure flies.
  11. George


    Michael's new place looks superb. He's done a really excellent job there.
  12. George


    It's a good day for working with the Tomb Raider Level Editor.
  13. George

    Board Upgrade

    I'm not changing this skin, I love it to bits.
  14. How are the still waters deepening?
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