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  1. George

    Brora Photos '21

    Brora beach with rain clouds sweeping down from the hills.
  2. Amazing day out, really, and I'm seeing the Highlands as I've never seen them before.
  3. Starting to look a little bit interesting. Not much, but I like how it is developing.
  4. George

    Brora Photos '21

    Brora beach this week. Summer is almost here.
  5. George


    Frank Speech at frankspeech.com is launching with a live podcast. It's amazing. This is historical. The fight back begins.
  6. Another excellent day out. Starting to enjoy these paddles.
  7. Took my new boat out for a wee paddle yesterday. Beautiful day.
  8. George

    Brora Skoom

    The skies over Brora were filled with pink footed geese leaving their winter feeding grounds and heading home for the summer. See you again next year guys.
  9. George

    Brora Skoom

    I'm getting better at finding the snakes. They are incredibly shy and hard to find. I've never heard of anyone being bitten by one, but I have heard of dogs being bitten. My guess is they only strike if threatened.
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