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  1. Bardintulloch broch is also known as Upper Clyth broch. This broch is on 3 different properties, two farmer's fields and the back garden of a private dwelling, with fences dividing the site into 3 parts. Nothing can be seen in the garden of the private dwelling, but you can make out the rough shape of the broch site in one of the fields. The entire site has almost been obliterated by robbing and ploughing. Old texts indicate the broch was recognisable as a Picts House until around 1867. Find somewhere to park on the single track road and walk along the track. At the end of the track is a gate into the field and you can then walk around the private dwelling to the site. Much of the site can be viewed from the track itself.
  2. Newlands of Clyth broch is also known as Upper Lybster broch. There is nothing to see other than a few large facing stones poking through the ground in a field. The broch has been robbed and ploughed until nothing remains. The site was recorded as a Picts House in old texts.
  3. Greenhill broch or Mid Clyth broch as it's also known is right beside the A9 opposite Mid Clyth cemetary. Access is easy through the gate into the field beside the single track road to Camster. Parking, however, isn't quite so easy. You might have to find somewhere to park and then walk to the site. There isn't anything to see other than a grassy mound. The dyke looks as if it was built with stone from the broch.
  4. George

    East Clyth broch

    Not much to see above ground, basically just a grassy mound, but there are original broch stones above ground and you can make out the circular structure. My guess is there is a lot of archaeology below ground waiting to be excavated. It's a nice easy broch to find and access. It's in a field, and at the top end of the barbed wire fence some kind person has wrapped yellow matting around the barbed wire making access comfortable. There is even space off the single track road beside the broch where you can park. Just be sure not to block gates should the farmer come along in his tractor and require access.
  5. George

    Occumster broch

    I'm fit enough to get back on the brochs trail again. This is Occumster broch up near Lybster. A nice easy one to get me going again. The next one won't be so easy!
  6. George


    Time to get back to song writing. I reached an impasse last time I was recording, hit a brick wall. The reason was the bass. I didn't have a bass guitar and was improvising using my acoustic or trying to whack something bassy out of my midi keyboard, but it was all shite. Last month I decided to get back to recording, but knew I needed a bass guitar or it wouldn't work and I'd give up again. So off to Inverness to the music shop I went and I've been practicing with my new guitar for a couple of weeks or so, working out an arrangement for one of my songs. Today I recorded the bass. I love my new guitar.
  7. George


    I get to visit some beautiful places up here in the HIghlands. This is the Kildonan Burn in the Strath of Kildonan. I've panned a couple of ounces of gold out of that burn. Enjoyed being there last month.
  8. George


    This is where we came ashore for lunch yesterday while canoeing from Dunbeath to Latheronwheel. Excellent day out and my first day on lumpy seas. Quite an adventure.
  9. Excellent 4 mile canoe trip up the Caithness coast from Latheronwheel harbour to Lybster yesterday. Beautiful day out, warm sun, calm seas, just wonderful.
  10. Trump is a freemason. He is already installed as the president of the NWO. He and Q are keeping the border open, he was behind what happened in Afghanistan. He brought in the red flag laws. He was in on the whole thing from the start. Check out the 3 pyramids in his signature. His role in the fall of America was to give people hope, to convince them he was their saviour so Americans would not revolt and take their country back. Q and Trump have been very successful. Putting your trust in men is stupid. Only God has the answers. The true God that is, not that arrogant disobedient angel Lucifer who got his arse kicked out the back door of heaven among the dustbins and who only has the lake of fire to look forward to. The administration of Grace is drawing to a close, the return of Christ coming in the clouds to gather his saints is imminent. The world has fallen and the Revelation Administration is about to begin. Here's a thought for all you greedy freemason cunts. Once you have the world, the only people left to steal from will be yourselves. Won't that be fun. You are not going to enjoy your world. Your hearts will be broken on the rocks of despair and sorrow. As for your shithole god, well, seeing him for eternity in the lake of fire will be extremely entertaining.
  11. George


    Booked to get fixed.
  12. George

    Dead whale

    Humpback has been ruled out. Definitely a Baleen whale though. Consensus is now an adult Minke whale.
  13. George


    My mate Gerald who is a canoe instructor heading into one of the caves. Certainly has Lara Croft appeal.
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