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  1. Who made all these amazing objects for you? Did you make them yourself? I remember the original Braveheart, but that was a long long time ago and I can't remember if all these objects were in that game.
  2. Hi Lakota, good to see you again. I hadn't heard about Rufierto, but still think of him from time to time. We had some fun building levels hey. I'll play Bravehearts Sword again when it's released. Excellent rainy atmosphere.
  3. George

    The Matrix

    I've just watched the 3 original Matrix movies again, followed by the latest installment, The Matrix Resurrections, and only now do I finally understand them. I didn't understand them the first couple of times I watched the movies because I didn't realise that there isn't just one illusory world and a real world, there are two illusory worlds and a real world. Those who think they are in the real world are themselves lost in an illusion no more real than the one they laugh at. Only those of us who are born again, those of us who have the gift of holy spirit, those of us who have eternal life will ever be a part of the real world which is the spiritual world, and only the bible can show you the way to get there. http://www.walkingbythespirit.com
  4. Just took him up to Blue Highlands Bird Rescue here in Brora. He'll be well taken care of there.
  5. He's doing well and someone told me he is old enough to probably take care of himself now. He's a lot better than he was yesterday, and we just went for a walk outdoors with him perched on my finger. There are great tits at my peanut feeder again so I'll put him outside for a while and keep an eye on him.
  6. Wow, I think this is actually a Great tit fledgling, and is much younger than I thought. Great tits are at the bird feeder so I think I'll put him outside in his nest see if his parents show up.
  7. Coalie survived his first night. He's a juvenile, so that would explain hitting my window. Young birds always seem to have to fly into glass windows to learn not to do it. He was quite active this morning so I took him outside again to see if he was ready to try flying. Nah, he went back to sleep in my hand after a few minutes so he's back in his nest on my desk. I'll try him again later.
  8. A wee coal tit flew into my living room window. Ran outside and he was fluttering around on the ground. When I picked him up he was obviously in distress, so I talked to him gently until he calmed down, took him into the house and checked him over. He could move his legs, flutter his wings and turn his head so no broken bones and he wasn't paralysed. Decided to try and help him through this so made a little nest for him and kept an eye on him. He seems to like sugar water, in moderation of course, just 2 or 3 drops to keep him from dehydrating and give him a little strength. The biggest challenge however will be seeing if he makes it through the night. Here he is not looking too happy right now, but he's alive.
  9. George

    Brora photos

    Brora beach yesterday, beautiful summer's day, and Brora beach today!
  10. Headed up to Kildonan yesterday and again today, did some panning and some sniping, and came away quite happy with myself. Not bad for 2 days! The nugget is 0.54 gms, so qualified for inclusion in my nugget collection. I got Bapper to hold my vial so I could take the photo. It's amazing to get to spend time in countryside like this. Sutherland is beautiful.
  11. I've not checked this for authenticity, but it sounds plausible. I hope so.
  12. Sudden Adult Death Syndrome and doctors are supposedly scratching their heads puzzled about how many healthy people are just suddenly dying. Yeah, no mention that all of them have one thing in common - they were vaccinated. They are in our face about it too, they don't care that we know what they're up to. Hundreds of millions of people, billions of people are about to die because they trusted their government and believed what they were told on television. This is what happens when people walk away from God and his word. I guess the Age of Grace is drawing to a close and the Revelation Administration is imminent indeed. Well, they can have their world, but they are not going to enjoy it.
  13. George

    LGBTQ Pride Month

    Don't let religious nuts talk you into believing that doing good to overcome evil means smiling inanely and doing nothing. Doing good is doing what God says.
  14. This area is finished and working well. I've discovered a new puzzle while running around in here. It's simple, but because it's new I think it will catch everyone out, at least for a wee while
  15. George

    LGBTQ Pride Month

    Here's my contribution. if we lived in Christian countries, you'd all be dead.
  16. Perhaps something like this.
  17. George

    Brochs Chat

    Here's what the Picts took 16 years to teach me summed in two short sentences.
  18. I am really enjoying this level. It feels and plays like Tomb Raider 1, the original game. Now what am I going to build over there? Hmmm, I have an idea or two.
  19. Very first screenshot from my 4th level. Lots to do here yet.
  20. A couple of minor tweaks. I think the wings of the dove were too close to the edge of the image for printing purposes. Don't think you'll notice the others.
  21. This works for me. I should finish my final proof read today.
  22. With the final drafts of Paradise and Autism and the Truth now included in the third book of my Walking by the Spirit trilogy, I've decided to publish it in hard copy, both paperback and hardback. I'm on the final proof read of Let There Be Light before sending the manuscript off. This is time consuming work, and expensive as I'm paying for it, so be patient, it may take some time before the book is available in hard copy. I've also been working on the cover artwork and thought you might like to see my design. The photo was taken on Brora beach with the Fuji 16-55mm, an absolutely gorgeous lens, and it was in fact the very first photo I ever took with that lens, so this cover design is very special to me. The dove obviously represents the gift of holy spirit and the energising of that spiritual power by speaking in tongues which brings light into our dark world. I'll start work on the text tomorrow.
  23. Hello mate, really good to see you again. I'm taking my time with this 4th level. I'm quietly pleased with it and I think it's going to turn out just fine. I'll post some screen shots when I get the first area built, but it's huge so it will take some time. Yeah, I'd recommend playing through my 3 levels to give you a feel for the game before starting your level. I have one secret in each level, a secret skull. I'm also only using the bog standard TR4 animations, no new animations at all, and I like how it plays. You will see what I mean when you play the levels through. It just plays so well without all the fancy stuff.
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