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  1. in the level lake of stars i obtained the first skull and used it but seen a closed door under where we use the first gem or thistle can't recall what it was now also at start are a underground with a ladder but it are protected by spikes how to disable them
  2. amberlife what i beautiful levelset thanks George for finish it
  3. in blue alert i have only found the silver secret and can finish the level do we come back here or where shall i look for them??
  4. thanks it was a jumpswitch near the water level
  5. so how do you open the door on top of this room i tried to shoot on the chain and the fire extinguisher monkeyswing as long i could
  6. reading through this thread/topic should there be a harpoon gun in ship graveyard when i finish ship G i have 12 secret roses and am i cheating a little cos i could light the 3 pots through the cages and get all 3 secrets before travel to secrets of the sea
  7. thanks for letting me in George i am in HMS botany bay have a fuseand the yellow machine oil+captains key used in 1 place to get the machine oil i thinkalso used the cargo bay access cardthere gave me access to a huge roomwhere i could shoot a lock high up on a grated dooralso found the place where i shall use the oilsbut missing the blue oilwhere shall i look after that and haven't seen a slot for a fuse
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