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  1. George, I downloaded v2 and it works fine. The existing savegames work with it since you mostly made cosmetic-type changes, so I was able to quickly see how you changed the rock wall in the "Ravine level" at the tree, and how the trapdoor will open anywhere the block can move in "HMS Botany Bay". Good job. Thanks again for all your work.
  2. Thanks George. I tried to download the new version from your link, but it is still the old version. When will the new one be available? Thanks again.
  3. George, your work sounds good. I await your revised game levels to see how they play. The camera shot problem happens in many other levels as well, so it is probably due to the random effects as you say, and can't really be fixed. That is ok. Eddy on the levelbase yesterday mentioned on that forum that he had a problem in "Botany Bay" where a pushable block fell down a hole and blocked passage causing the game to end. I don't know what he meant, but maybe there is something to it. Eddy also said that he climbed the ladder at the spikes because some customlevels in the past require
  4. George, there was not an extra Vulcan Stone. What is was is that I got the stone from the right eye of the face at the end of the level. I had not figured out a way to get to that part of the face early in the game, especially since it is located near the end of the level. I used the river stone (after swinging blades) for the Spider's Den. I did not use a stone for the shortcut passage from the river to the tree branch level. It is very easy to get on the tree branch by jumping back on a rock wall and bouncing up onto a tree branch to the right of the starting area near the waterfall
  5. George, thank you again for this wonderful game, and all your efforts. I finished it, and I really enjoyed it. Inchdix can be proud of his work. I loved his Celtic Folly in the early days of the level editor, and I played that one three different times, as well as all of his other levels. This is a worthy addition to his wonderful games. I found all the secrets, and the last 2 in the final level were well hidden, but I knew where they were by guesswork. Thanks again. I look forward to your next game "Fallen Angels" which I saw mentioned in your other thread. Thanks again.
  6. George, thank you for your response. I'm sorry you misunderstood my comment about glitches. It was to possibly explain why I had a problem. I am not a member of trle.net because I do not like the way Michael Prager runs his site. He is very discriminatory and unfair to many people, and blocks some people from being members because of this -- and his review system is the worst setup ever because it absolutely does NOT reflect the true worth of these games or provide the proper credit to builders for their efforts! I am very glad you made this level from Inchdix's files, and I do th
  7. George, thank you for your reply. However, I did all of that last night twice and keep coming to the same dead end at the cargo bay. I am currently replaying the entire level in case I encountered a bug. The millisecond camera shot problem was corrected in this new replay an hour ago. [I already have 2 glitches in the game: a useless "load" in the inventory from the second unnecessary Vulcan stone (from the eye of the skull wall) at the end of the Ravine level, and 13 secrets in the statistics count when I only have 12 roses at the start of HMS Botany Bay because 2 secret counts registe
  8. In the Botany Bay level: 1. How do you get the yellow mixture bottle from behind the UW grate at the start of the level? I have the blue mixture bottle. 2. How do you swim into the UW room after opening the UW door? Lara always goes to the bottom and drowns. 3. How does the yellow door to the fuse panel corridor open at the cargo bay start? I have the fuse. 4. Is it possible (and how) to go into the water under the block platform in the cargo bay? 5. There is a switch that can be reused (only switch that can) but the camera shot only blinks for less than a millisecon
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