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  1. i played it back in 2017... it's been made completely from scratch in Unreal engine 4, by 1 (yes, ONE) guy. So far there is a playable demo on http://tombraider-dox.com/ just a part of the great wall, and i don't know if he's still on the project sadly...
  2. yeah Skype is OK, i personally rarely use it because Discord is superior in almost every way, including instant screen sharing options, but Skype is alright too :)
  3. we can catch up on Discord or Teamspeak so I can show you the main differences and the general flow on screen share. let me know what you think. we never really spoke to each other, so maybe that will be a nice thing :)
  4. weren't you supposed to transition to Tomb Editor? :) have you tried it out? it's so much faster than NGLE and superior in every way, including diagonal walls :D
  5. Wasp


    hi Goerge, I would suggest watching this short playlist first; it blew my mind how many quality of life changes the creator made! you can find the whole installation package here: https://github.com/Lwmte/TombEditorReleases/releases/tag/v1.3.8 who would think that such simple things as being able to COPY-PASTE objects and triggers with Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, beeing able to select and edit objects/triggers that are in other rooms without having to jump to them, or being able to double-click on a different room to quickly jump to it from any place in the level would make a man so happy. so many little things like that. you can edit keybinds for everything and make a setup that works for you, fully customizable. you can use grid texturing to apply 2x2, 3x3 or 4x4 patterns to multiple tiles at once. you can use the shovel tool to "dig" a room over, under or next to the current one with one click. digging water rooms has never been easier. you can have multiple WADs or multiple TGA sets opened for one level, and you can use textures from 5 different sets at the same time once you start a new project, you can choose which game you want to target your level at (TR1-5) and the editor will automatically adjust everything, turn some options on and off - depending on what features that game supports (eg. it turns the ladders off if you select TR1). you can even merge all statics in your level into room geometry, so you dont have to play with their tint and they react to light sources like moveables - just like with Metasequoia - and it even makes it work with TR1-2 engines, which is unprecedented! what a tool man, i'm telling you. you will never come back to TRLE trust me :)
  6. Wasp


    I have actually managed to create a working version of this game on the TR2 engine :) I am building the first level now, and I have never had so much fun building a custom, ever :) TR2 is such a lovely piece of nostalic feeling. I think I might actually pull this off. I'm having a blast. some screenshots from work in progress below.
  7. Wasp


    i have decided to move the whole game to TR2 engine. I love the old engines and now that it's possible with a very powerful tool, i made the decision to basically waste all these years of developing the TRNG game and start completely over from scratch. I could try to port the PRJs that I had, but they are too big for TR2 standards and also TR2 doesn't support diagonal surfaces, so i have to rebuild EVERYTHING and use the old levels as reference. I don't mind it though, as the vibe of TR2 is irreplaceable :) I got so tired of messing with complicated scripts, triggers, variables, etc. G Going back to the roots - simple, honest raiding. I hope i can port all my ideas for this game into TR2 engine :) Shaping up nicely - by the way - Tomb Editor is an absolutely, mindblowingly amazing tool, even compared to NGLE. it is so modern and so fast to build levels wih it! it supports all the old engines TR1-3, but also all the TRNG functions while being super intuitive to build large areas very quickly. once i switched to it - there is no going back, ever. i advise everyone to do the same :) this first area i created all in one day, just a few hours... it goes crazy fast. All the tedious sector-by-sector shaping with QAWSEDRF is gone :) you can literally shape the whole room into a realistic cave with 5 clicks - 20 seconds! you can also render the WHOLE level in the editor without losing a single FPS. it's so powerful i can't believe it :0 it will be a pleasure to rebuild everything!
  8. Wasp


    guys I am torn... I accidentally fucked up my WADs beyond the point of recovery (sounds and animations all messed up), so i lost incentive in continuing this game. at the same time, i've been playing around with the new Tomb Editor which is absolutely amazing, and the best thing is - it can build levels for older games. I've always loved TR1 and TR2 and i kinda wanna build games for these engines. i've been thinking if I should port my levels to TR2 engine and make this whole game a TR2 game. i believe it should be possible somehow. what should I do? i really dont feel like continuing with existing TRNG version - too many problems, and the WADs are all messed up without backups ://
  9. Wasp

    Croft Manor

    will do - i hope everything is OK!
  10. well this is a new level and not that far into development, therefore a new WAD - didnt make backup for it yet :(
  11. glad to hear that you are a changed man :D i'm doing good, 5 months from now I will have a son, we are expecting :) working on IBOG still from time to time, but recently i fucked up all sounds in my WAD by accident and lost incentive to try to fix it; doing other stuff for now
  12. will you be releasing it at trle.net, or does the grudge still hold? :)
  13. yeah i just looked at youtube and it exists since 2017, and i knew nothing about it :O i am mind blown! it looks like modern 3d modeling programs like Maya or Blender, amazing. I wonder how compatible is it with NGLE. probably does not have the modern NGLE functions and it's a major drawback. If it was compatible i would seriously consider swtching over - not in the middle of IBOG development though
  14. wait, what? there is a NEW editor out there??? what do you mean? :O
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