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    I have seen all 3, but 2 & 3 blur together. At the moment I'm having difficulty separating plot points between them. 1 was definitely my favourite too.
  2. Kitkat


    https://www.tombraiderforums.com/showpost.php?p=7440626&postcount=4 Found a few more tutorials...
  3. Kitkat


    Fingers crossed! The prj will probably need some tarting up after. But hopefully better than starting again.
  4. Kitkat


    I want a t-shirt that says that!!
  5. Kitkat


    There is a program that turns TR4 files into TR3. Maybe that would help? * https://www.aspidetr.com/en/tools/tred/? (I've not used this new editor. I have watched people build on Twitch and it does look good.) https://www.tombraiderforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=31 ^ Has links to tutorials (mainly YouTube) I did find this exchange: Quote: Originally Posted by TRSMART https://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/buttons/viewpost.gif Hello, How can we create TR2/3 levels with tomb editor? And does it run in their engine or will it be tomb2/3 engine? Thanks �� probably stupid question but can’t figure it out because Core never gave the compiler for them. you need to setup the new wad from WadTool to TR2/TR3 version, then in TombEditor, setup the level type to TR2/TR3 (Level Settings) and enjoy https://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gifdont forget, you cant change anything since TR2/TR3 is not TRLE nor TRNGexcept maybe TR2 since TR2Main is open source: TR2Mainand Tomb3Main is pretty advanced too: Tomb3MainEDIT: also it work with the original engine not TR4/TRLE/TRNG/TR5, it will just crash if you do so. I'm wondering if that means you need to start the level from scratch? Maybe TRED will convert?*
  6. Kitkat

    Brora Skoom

    Our ancestors would have probably considered that a bad omen!
  7. Kitkat


    Looking forward to it wasp
  8. Kitkat


    "Sushi" for breakfast? No thank you
  9. Kitkat


    I'm going to blame spiders! If I was driving and there was one in my car I'd probably end up like that too! Unless they were swerving to miss a kangeroo??
  10. Here's a room I'm happy with:
  11. Yes. Am deep in it! Defintely drowning not waving at the moment! Had an idea and am trying to implement.
  12. Kitkat


    I’m glad to be going back to working full time hours but working from home and not having to commute has been great! Lol
  13. Kitkat


    Jungle Ruins??
  14. Kitkat


    So, I was luckier that a lot of people. When lockdown started work cut us down to 4 day weeks instead of furloughing or making anyone redundant. Full time hours start again in September. I’ve also been working from home. We should be back in the office by October.
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