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  1. Kitkat

    May '20

    I rhododendrons. There's lots growing near where my Mum is from in Ireland.
  2. Kitkat

    White Bluebells

    Would that not make them white bells?
  3. Well, I deleted rooms so I was down to 193 - still happened. Then I started playing with the geomentry. There was a triangular section in the waterfall. I moved the floor/ceiling lines to remove it and the level converts without errors, still with 214 rooms! I don't understand what difference that would make but I'm calling this a win. But I still might have to split the level... My only defence is I had SO much inspiration I just kept on building!
  4. It was converting fine and then this started. I went back through my saves to the last working one. It took a bit to figure out its the waterfall textures. If I use them add them to a new area I get that message, texture over them with some other texture and the level converts fine.
  5. All those rooms are all empty at the moment. Just basic geomentry, no gameplay yet. Except the starting lagoon area. I have back-ups. Maybe its the room limit. Although it looks like I can go up to 299.
  6. I was happily building away when I converted the prj using Tom2Pc and noticed this very stange message: I've managed to figure out it is to do with the TR3 waterfalls (or atleast the textures.) I just don't know why? The level did convert and play but after a few more adjustments to the prj and conversions it couldn't convert the tom anymore. I lost a fair amount of work figuring out what was wrong. But now I know what's causing it, what to do about it? I really want more waterfalls in my level! Wondering if I should just revert to waterfall objects? Is this a known issue? Is it to do with my anim ranges?
  7. Absolutely no idea about alot of how Inchdix put the Botnay Bay together either! I have however managed to get a few rooms inside my boat so I'm calling that a win!
  8. So now I'm wondering how to navigate that room...
  9. Somebody remind me why I thought it was a good idea to build a ship?! Spent most of yesterday fighting with it! Finally managed to get the hull "hull" shaped!
  10. Kitkat

    May '20

    Thought I should take some pictures while I still can! I'm sure in a few years it will be all houses...
  11. Kitkat

    May '20

    When I was out for my walk I took some quick shots of the fields near my home:
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