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  1. We used to have a robin who would visit our garden in the old house.
  2. That's a gorgeous shot of the robin
  3. Kitkat

    Tomb Editor

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/rg26atc6e3sk2yh/TombEditorInstall.exe?dl=0 Here is the installer for the Tomb Editor version 1.2.8 that I used. My antivirus said its clean. It is an installer exe, not an zip. Everything is saved to the C: drive, with shortcuts on the desktop. I have so far managed to open a prj! (Go me!)
  4. Kitkat

    Tomb Editor

    I’ve downloaded from a Dropbox link I got on another site. Looked like an installer exe not a zip. I’ve not installed yet though.
  5. Ah! Imprisoned Spirits! How I have missed you! the level name.
  6. That sunrise is gorgeous
  7. There is probably a script for that. I have one that limits the time Lara can hang onto a ledge.
  8. If I remember correctly the waterfall textures needed to be the largest sized and in the first slots?
  9. Kitkat

    Tomb Editor

    I wonder if it's compatible with all the new scripts? (I haven't watched all 4 vids yet...)
  10. Kitkat

    Tomb Editor

    Diagonal geometry?
  11. Looking forward to it!
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