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  1. Yea that sounds good to me. Your first two levels are a search for the native guide right? If so then you can kick off the story once Lara finds him. He starts to tell the story then it jumps to my levels. Sound good?
  2. Looking good George. Should have something to show real soon.
  3. Hey, everyone needs a little break now and then. I'm lucky if I get to work on my levels for an hour a day.
  4. Raider X

    @ Raider X

    Well our games have never really been that hard though. As long as we keep the same kind of gameplay and challenges it will be fine I think.
  5. Can you open a private forum for us? So we can bounce ideas back and forth.
  6. Going to take my time George while you work on the new Imprisoned Spirits.
  7. Been a while but I think it's time to get started.This one is going to be good!!!!
  8. Have you tried adding the animations, then replacing the sam, and sfx files. Just make copies and then replace once you add the animation to the wad. Might work?
  9. I'm getting better day by day. My energy is still low but improving. Time is all I need, then it will be back to building!!
  10. I think you can do that with a flip effect if I remember right? It would be under flip effect-Lara health- increase amount of air for Lara.
  11. You can anti-trigger that. I did it in JR4. Or is that the round one?
  12. Your the master builder Titia. It's official.
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