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  1. Sorry George got side tracked....I have a new girl friend and she is taking up most of my time. I think we are going to get married!! I have played most of the first level.. It is very good so far. The lava room and jump puzzles are awesome..
  2. I'm still here... just been busy with my job... This weekend am going to run through your levels.. can't wait!!
  3. Raider X


    Maybe a few picks and an idea for a cave level?
  4. Raider X


    Hey, so when do we get to see you in a photo or two?
  5. No I'm here.. just started a new job and have been kissing there butts for a couple weeks. Don't worry i am slowly playing through your levels. I'm trying to hit as many squares as I can to find bugs and such... So far none found!!
  6. Right on George!! Love you man!!
  7. Raider X


    Greatest voice ever!!
  8. Raider X


    More please!!
  9. Raider X


    One of the best scores ever made!!!!!
  10. Raider X


    When you coming home dad!!
  11. Raider X


    Lindsey is gone mate!! She don't care about my Tomb Raider stuff!! Never did!!
  12. Love always finds a way!!
  13. When Love reveals itself!!
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