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  1. I hope he'll show himself if he's okay and now that his game has been released.
  2. Happy New Year to you as well! DJ-Full told people he has died... Has TC14 been in touch with Jon? Btw, DJ just asked me if this rumour has been confirmed. He thought you had taken up the project because of Jon passing away. But that is not the case I see.
  3. What happened to Jon?
  4. I meant at our coasts. Plenty of coastline here. Including the islands. Although the northern Wadden Islands wouldn't be suitable anyway. Very shallow around them, at least at their southern shores. Apart from the canals (right word?) used by ferries to go to and from the islands, you can often walk from one island to the next or to the mainland at low tide. Mudflat walking it is called in English I think. Not that you will manage to stay dry when doing so, and you risk losing your shoes if you are not careful, but there are places where you can walk. Well, wade...
  5. Titak


    Learned something new today. I knew about the female-like appearance and becoming flightless but didn't know it was called that. I wonder if there's a Dutch word for it as well. Our ducks always looked dreadful when going through this phase. "Amputated" wings, only a couple of tail feathers left, shabby. One of the ducks we've had once started moulting in December, right when it started to freeze. Poor thing was shivering she we kept her inside for a while! She died the next summer. A duck going into eclipse in the middle of winter is not a good sign... something is not right then.
  6. Titak


    Ducks for the win! Coming out of eclipse? No idea. Our mallards just went through the moulting season and are looking mighty fine again. All ready for the winter with shiny new feathers. Could that have to do with it? With recovering after moulting?
  7. No wonder you thought he needed help. Such an odd pose. I also hope he'll make it. No gannets over here btw.
  8. Oh wow! Look at those big black feet in the second pic.
  9. Ducks might just eat about anything they can get when the weather is like that. I don't remember there being many other birds among the groups of ducks... Our ducks used to like lettuce. And one of them even liked slightly cooked cauliflower and lukewarm tea. Speaking of soft apples: Back when my parents still had apple trees in their garden, we would have drunk Admiral butterflies. They would eat from the rotten apples and get drunk. Flying wobbly and sitting down on our arms like they would never do when being sober. LOL!
  10. Beautiful place! Those ducks in the snow... I remember back when I was living in a town called Kampen, they would always put straw on the ice and snow when the winter was harsh. And they'd also feed the ducks bread and soft apples. And in spring they would place nesting baskets in all ponds and canals. That town took really good care of its birds.
  11. Titak

    Harpoon issue

    harpoon_sounds.zip Please try these. They should have the original TRLE format now. (I've been using another format since I implemented the FLEP patch that allows for higher quality samples)
  12. Titak

    Harpoon issue

    Ugh... that sounds issue again when using objects from someone else.... My sounds are not in the default TRLE format. I'll see if I can change them. The sounds are also from TRU if I remember correctly. Because that game had the harpoongun.
  13. Titak

    Harpoon issue

    Which TRNG version are you using btw? Mine is Can't remember when the harpoongun thingy was implemented... Going through my script now. *** EDIT *** Got it. It is the Customize= CUST_HARPOON, ***** script. :D
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