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  1. I'm interested indeed to beta-test, the problem will be time : I won't be at home during next two weeks and not sure to be even available the last weekend of september...
  2. I have no idea where the second end of level is supposed to bring you then... For switch triggers, you can also reduce the number of triggers by using itemgroups for the very same objects, very convenient !
  3. Doesn't sound like the level was totally done then...I hadn't touched this one so dramatically, as prj is numbered 018, to be compared to 075 for next level...
  4. Did you start with latest ship018.prj ? In my old memories, I thought the level was done... This must not be the only issue, but for example, the puzzle holes 6 are there just for decoration, there are meant not to be puzzle items 6.
  5. With such complex environmental areas as Jon made, it was almost sure shortcuts would be discovered with alpha, beta or earlier... Did you like the added event happening with the skull at the end of level 2 ? Part of it uses what I would call a typical GMac effect ! Anyway, glad to see you're having fun with the levels !
  6. Sorry, I had trouble registering at first, then we went away on vacation, and back only now... I hadn't touched Secrets of the Sea level much, but that included indeed altering a little bit this pushblock puzzle, so as to add/use NG features and to use the block to activate a switch (which I considered so new and so cool in 2010 !!). I had missed that jumpswitch interference/issue, glad you found out and dealed with it early enough ! By the way, for Ship Graveyard level, I think the jellyfish comes from Teme9's amazing Nauticus object package. I also included some Base objects in Blue Alert level, and encourage you to see what could be interesting in the wad : https://www.trsearch.org/item/3557 Otherwise I had just had fun testing the brand-new-at-the-time fish emitter from TRNG !
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