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Amber Life - Inchdix

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thanks for letting me in George

i am in HMS botany bay

have a fuse
and the yellow machine oil
+captains key used in 1 place to get the machine oil i think
also used the cargo bay access card
there gave me access to a huge room
where i could shoot a lock high up on a grated door
also found the place where i shall use the oils
but missing the blue oil
where shall i look after that

and haven't seen a slot for a fuse

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2 hours ago, George said:

The Machine Oil is at the top of this room. When you find the slot for the fuse, there is a secret in that room, and you will also get the other 2 secrets as well after that.

so how do you open the door on top of this room

i tried to shoot on the chain and the fire extinguisher

monkeyswing  as long i could


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There is a lever switch on a platform at the bottom of the room somewhere I think, which opens a door in that room. It might be a jump switch, I can't remember. The answer is in that room, you don't have to leave the area.

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Blue Alert, I can't remember. I shall have a think and perhaps replay the level, see if I can remember where they are, but you don't go back to the level. I think there are 2 secrets around the wreck, one up in the roof near a breathe hole, and another down a hole on the ocean floor somewhere, but I can't remember.

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