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Here's the latest garden update. Hit a major problem and had to change the plans. As this is the only garden around here with dirt, the local cats are using it as a public toilet. Had a chat with Martin today and the whole thing is going to be stoned, with a planter or two poking through.


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That looks like rosemary there in the first picture. (on the left and right)
Is it? :ponder:

Or rather, was it?


If you like plants in your garden (which will also attract birds), may I suggest the "prairie" garden?
You first plant grasses and plants, then put a 10cm thick layer of little lava stones (porous ones) around. 
Cats won't use it as a litterbox, plants grow like crazy, but seeds from weeds won't get through so it is low in maintenance.
All it needs is a complete trim in later winter, when the bulb plants start to grow (snowdrops, daffodils, crocus) and show their leafs coming through the lava stones (if you put those in as well that is...)
It's really lush!

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And here is the finished garden. Very low maintenance, plenty of space to hang out my washing and plenty of space to sit outdoors with my cameras in the summer when it's warm. I'll have to get a bird bath and a bird table next, and then look at it through the summer to see if there's anything else I want to do with it.


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