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March 20

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Well, that wasn't an enjoyable walk, it was an ordeal. Freezing and that north east wind cuts right through you. Spits of freezing rain with the threat of heavier showers forced me home early. Thawing out now with a hot cup of tea. Here's a thrush watching me from a tree near the house.


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Well thought I could still go out for daily walks but as I am in the  higher risk category. Been told by NHS, advised by family and friends to stay in so that's a bummer. But there is a life past all this I want to see. Too many lives lost already... Enjoy your walks George. I am looking forward to our photo walks when all this surreal lifestyle is over. So keep the photos coming please. 👌🏼

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Thought my watch had stopped. It was an hour slower than my computer. I guess the clocks went forward last night hey. Forgot all about it.


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