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Brora back shore - 4th April '20

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It was pleasant down the shore yesterday, and you can definitely feel things warming up slightly. I had to stop and take a fleece off, and I also didn't need my woolly hat. Love this time of year. There was a bit of swell breaking close to shore, but the sea was calm.


Spotted my first tern of the year. It dived into the sea, nabbed a fish, and then got mugged by a seagull. It might be a Great Skua, as mugging other birds is what they do, but I can't be sure from this photo. If you look closely you can see the fish in the terns gob.


The coast was beautiful and The Coves looked amazing.


It was so clear you could see right across the Moray Firth to the Cairngorm Mountains covered in snow.


I had on the 200mm f/2 so I couldn't walk past this whelk and these limpets and barnacles. A branch washed up on the shore caught my eye as well.





It was seals I was on the lookout for and there were a few around. I had to wait an hour and do some careful stepping from rock to rock to get close enough to get these two photos. Great photowalk, can't wait until the next time I can get out.



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