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Country walk - May 2nd '20

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This time I went along the coast and then through The Doll. Here we have an adult Great Black backed gull.


And this is a young great black backed gull (2cy).


I'm very happy with this shot of one of the fulmars buzzing me. He shot over my head by just a couple of feet. Love these birds.


Mr Bumblebee on a dandelion.


Two fulmars nesting.


Two fulmars having a shag. Well, no point building a nest if you're not going to have kids hey?


Here are the two raven chicks. I think they know me by now.


Mr Raven is also giving me some good photos.


And a spring lamb at Badnellan to round the walk off. Brilliant day out.


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And here is another one of the ravens, this time both parents.


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