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Hi George, long time no see ;)

can't believe i was not registered here - what happened to old skribblerz forums?

anyway - can i move my IBOG thread here from Dutchy's forums? working on it again

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Operation: In Blaze of Glory


    1. Agent Data:
                        Name: Lara Croft
                        Codename: Tomb Raider
                        Unit: MI-6
                        Operational unit: Eastern block
                        ID: MI-6/LC117

    2. Location Data:
                        Country: USSR 
                        Region: Yamalia
                        Object: Rassvet excavation site [Рассвет]
                        Exact location: 200km north of Novy Urengoy [Новый Уренгой]
                        Coordinates: 67° 58' N,  75° 57' E 

    3. Mission Details:
                        Greetings, agent Croft. This assignment comes from the highest authorities. Your target is Rassvet, the north-siberian oil excavation site. Details follow: our agency has been carefully watching Brezhnev's cold war policy since 1970. After years of investigation, we have managed to locate the source of USSR's military power. Rassvet is believed to be capable of providing fuel to half of russian panzer divisions. However, a direct assault would provoke Brezhnev enough to start a global nuclear war. We sent an asset to infiltrate the perimiter of the base 4 years ago and established a close surveilance.
However, two days ago our cell in Moscow reported that suddenly all communications with both the asset on our side and the whole base on USSR side had stopped. Oil transports inland had stopped as well. So far we are not aware what force caused this unexpected stoppage. The last radio transmission intercepted from the site is as follows:
"Oh my God, they are everywhere! We can't get out! There is nowhere to run. So much blood... Everyone's dead... Please send help! Oh no, they are coming! ..."
- message ends. Three hours later, seven batalions of USSR elite commandos were dispatched at the site from the nearest military base. We believe that Spetznaz agents were sent a well.
          This sudden event has caused anxiety at the highest level. Agent Croft, your mission is to arrive to the area, infiltrate Rassvet without revealing yourself and to find out what happened. You will also try to locate the missing asset and provide help if posible. You will be dropped from a disguised helicopter in the mountains 5km north-west of the base. Since this is a civilian helicopter, carrying weapons is not allowed. Bring only the most basic provisions. After you arrive, you will be on your own and you will have to find munitions on site.
Agent Croft, you must understand the criticality of the situation. If this operation fails and Brehznev finds out about our influence, the fate of many lives may be sealed. Please proceed with extreme caution. Report to us only if you find yourself in a safe location and need immediate help. Good luck agent Croft, the Queen is counting on you!



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Not seen these before. Fabulous looking temple mate. Looks like you're cracking on with it, sorted out all the problems, and I may get to beta test this thing. Looking forward to playing it very much.



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hi George, i still did not finalize the ultimate plan. it was supposed to be 5 levels, now it grew to be at least 7 including some complex bosses extracted from PSX game Vagrant Story - the elemental lords.  i hope the story will be voice acted all the way, need to reestablish contact with Jennifer ;) i already have her in the credits; she agreed to do it back in 2014, i hope she is still up for it

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7 levels is very ambitious. My IS game was 12 levels, but remember I released it as 3 games and then joined them all together into one big game. 7 levels is a lot for your head to hold together in one go. When it gets near alpha it will practically take over your whole life until release. Be careful hey. If it gets too much, just cut it back a level or two.

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