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05 - Depth of Field part 1


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Depth of Field

Time to get our photowalks going again, so will be heading off along the back shore on Saturday morning at 10am from the Radio Station car park down Lower Brora. The emphasis this week will be understanding depth of field.



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Morven and I enjoyed a rather pleasant wander along the back shore discussing depth of field. On the way we met Mr Heron having a good scratch. All we concentrated on today was ensuring we understand what depth of field actually means. Next week we will begin to explore how we control depth of field to improve our photos.


Depth of Field should be more properly called depth of focus, as it simply refers to the area of your photos which is in focus. A very narrow depth of focus is referred to as a shallow depth of field, and a wide depth of focus is referred to as a wide or deep depth of field.



Here are examples of both wide and shallow depths of field.





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