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Morven mentioned stonechats over at Facebook the other day. Glad she did. I knew I had some stonechat photos somewhere, so went to dig them out. Couldn't find them! They were not in my library. Sat there shaking my head in disbelief for a few minutes and then went looking through old computers and old backups and eventually found them. Changing systems and websites and computers doesn't make for a stable and reliable filing system. And here they are. They're in the library now.





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I knew Mr and Mrs Guts had a nest somewhere, and I suspect it was over by the railway station somewhere but I'm not sure. Anyway, Mr Guts showed up this week with his kids for this year and introduced me to another 3 Gutlings. Mr Crow isn't quite sure what to make of them.


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Loving these pics! :classic_love:

Btw, I came into this topic thinking "I wonder why George is going to chat about stones...". :OMG:
Didn't know the English name for this lovely bird.
We do have them here in the Netherlands, but I have never seen one...

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Not sure on that one, these pictures were taken on the shore right by the sea, and they are also inland in remote valleys, and some folks who live on crofts in the country have them visit their gardens, but I've never heard of one being seen around towns or villages.

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Is it okay if I use that third picture for a painting?

I have not made a painting in 6 years and my fingers are just itching to turn that one into a painting. Something simple to get started with again.

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