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Here's a telephoto close up of surf bubbling in sand as the tide was coming in over Brora beach. This isn't the macro world, it's different to the macro world, it's a world exclusive to telephoto lenses.


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Nice photo, and it looks fine to me regarding sharpness. We're still working on thirds this week, so here's another lesson on thirds for you. When looking through the view finder or on the rear screen, you have to imagine grid lines on the thirds, like this.


Horizons and subjects should, generally speaking, be on one of the thirds, or very close to them. I've cropped this one for you to show you how the image appears when you put the oil rig and the horizon on thirds. It's easy, all you have to do is move your camera a wee bit. I know, I know, the sky was amazing, but hey, it still looks amazing when the oil rig and horizon are on thirds.


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