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Still in lockdown. But can't wait for our photo walks again. Also for me being able to walk anywhere I want too each day. Also start loosing all this weight I put on. All walks lead to the kitchen at the moment. 

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10 times around the block before breakfast (porridge, no buttered or jam toast), a workout before lunch (salad and a yoghurt), 10 times around the block followed by pushups for 10 minutes before dinner (more salad) and another 10 times around the block and a cup of tea (no sugar) as a treat.


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Just leaving the house.


Walking down the road to the village.


Enjoying the view of the River Brora and Strath Brora from the bridge.


Taking the path down along the river to the harbour.


Standing on the river bank watching a heron.


Enjoying the boats and fish smells at the harbour.


Looking out over the ocean at the mouth of the river.


The tourist information thingie at the Radio Station car park.


Heading back into the village and crossing the railway line on Gower Street.


Walking down the path to the Genii Pool.


The River Brora.


Bluebells on the river bank.


Heading home.


Boots off. Now which movie will I watch this evening?


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Spotted a crow's feather lying on the ground. Quite liked it as a possible subject. Picked it up, looked around me, scratched my head, and then spotted a gorse bush. Kinda liked the black feather against the yellow gorse and used the cloudy sky as a background.


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