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If you have Fuji gear, they have released a heck of a lot of firmware updates for all their cameras and lenses this year. If you haven't upgraded your cameras and lenses, take advantage of Fuji's free firmware updates. If you don't know how to update the firmware yourself, or don't want to take the risks, take your gear to a professional camera shop and ask them to do it for you.


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Zeiss ZX1

Nice camera I'm sure, but at $6000 who is going to buy it when you get the Leica for $1000 less? Yeah, you can edit your photos on the LCD screen on the back using Lightroom, but who wants to do that? I enjoy editing photos on my computer. When I'm out in the field I just want to take photos, not stand there for hours editing photos I can hardly see on the wee screen. This takes Chimping to a whole new level. Erm, not sure about this camera at all. I'll stick with Fuji :laugh:


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