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Hi George and all,

Its nice to be back its been about *checks calender* 12 years since I released a level or done much with the editor. But as you do, one night I got curious to see what was going on with TRLE and downloaded Titak's One Room Challenge level and it looked and played superbly so I entered the rabbit hole and here I am again. Then discovered a new editor which I promised I'd not download or use but that last all of four minutes and I am working on something behind closed doors.

I do wish to add my condolences to all on the loss of Peter Graveney AKA Bedazzled. I dipped in to TRLE.NET a while back and saw he had passed. :bye:

Anyway:  Great to see you all again. Of course being nearly 30 and not 16 anymore means I won't be posting that much because life is busy. 


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Is it really 12 years? Hey, want to know something? I thought you were one of the most talented young level builders I'd ever come across and thought you would make a brilliant games designer professionally. Glad you're back mate and I'll be playing your new game for sure. Can't believe that was 12 years ago. Wow, time sure flies.


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Awww please don't make me blush. I actually went on to study Game Design at college then a degree in Animation Design from DeMontfort University in Leicester. Ofcourse even that was 7 years this year since I graduated and (without going into too much detail) had a rough 5 years or so just floating about. I relocated to Sussex living a few miles from Gatwick Airport now and I work nights at a courier due to COVID-19. What a strange world we find ourselves in eh! 

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I know the floating around routine :yes: Covid isn't strange, it's just another flu. It was used to push legislation through worldwide giving governments the legal right to evoke martial law and declare curfews whenever they please. Now that those laws are in place, they don't give a fuck about us and we're all free to catch it. When people wake up and reaiise what's going on behind their backs in the name of world peace, one world governance and an end to poverty, there are going to be major riots, hence their need to have these new laws in place. Stay away from freemasonry mate, and avoid religion, all of them. Enjoy Sussex and your level building.

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