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Global Warming in Brora

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Scientists now have evidence that proves beyond question that global warming is occurring in the Highlands. George Maciver, a scientist educated in climate change by personal observations and samples taken while travelling the world, last year took ice core samples in Brora which proved that the Highlands are indeed warming up every year. The ice and snow melts, pools of water lie in roads and fields drowning worms, and local rivers go into spate allowing salmon to run upstream and spawn. Global warming is a reality that affects everyone on earth.

One of the local residents of Brora, Mr Mallard, who lives down by the harbour remembers the last Ice Age very well. He told us he froze his bollocks off and was really glad when the earth warmed up again.

Mr Mallard and friends in Brora enduring an ice age which he now believes occurs once every year.

Mr Mallard enjoying global warming.

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