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I have my new game loaded in the new Tomb Editor. It renders beautifully and the Editor is amazing. I've made changes, saved the game, but when I hit build and play it still plays the original TR4 game without the changes. Do I need to change paths or something somewhere? I'm going with the TR3 engine.




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It's not building my new games, it's building the old TR4 files and playing the old TR4 files. What I've done is open the old files, saved it as a TR3, saved the game, built the level, hit build and play, but it's still playing the old TR4 game without the changes and with no TR3 stuff. Do I need to change these paths?


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There is a program  that turns TR4 files into TR3. Maybe that would help? *


(I've not used this new editor. I have watched people build on Twitch and it does look good.)


^ Has links to tutorials (mainly YouTube) 

I did find this exchange:



How can we create TR2/3 levels with tomb editor? And does it run in their engine or will it be tomb2/3 engine?

Thanks �� probably stupid question but can’t figure it out because Core never gave the compiler for them.

you need to setup the new wad from WadTool to TR2/TR3 version, then in TombEditor, setup the level type to TR2/TR3 (Level Settings) and enjoy https://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif
dont forget, you cant change anything since TR2/TR3 is not TRLE nor TRNG
except maybe TR2 since TR2Main is open source: TR2Main
and Tomb3Main is pretty advanced too: Tomb3Main
EDIT: also it work with the original engine not TR4/TRLE/TRNG/TR5, it will just crash if you do so.

I'm wondering if that means you need to start the level from scratch? Maybe TRED will convert?*

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Nope, can't get anything TR3 to work, it's still playing the old TR4 files and playing in TRLE, but without the changes I've made to the map. That's enough for one day. I'll give my brain a rest and try again tomorrow.


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I know how to fix this :yes:  I'm going to donate this level to Jungle Ruins 6, so this will be my 3rd Jungle Ruins 6 level. I'll have to build it with the TR4 engine, so that will give me plenty of time to *think* about making a game in the future with the TR3 engine. Always looking for the easy fix me :classic_laugh:

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