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Fuji shooters and MacOS users

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Seems Apples don't 'just work' any longer and Mac users are getting a bit pissed off. Glad I stuck with computers. Here's how Fuji Addict put at his website.

"It appears Apple broke Thunderbolt again under Big Sur for Drobo users, which took months to sort out when Catalina was released and had a similar issue. The story is the same as last time when thunderbolt and Drobo devices worked fine together up until the final release. So if you value accessing your Drobo devices via Thunderbolt then you should wait at least 3 months before upgrading. In the meantime, if you didn’t read this warning in time you can downgrade or access your data via USB or maybe you got lucky and your combination of hardware works.

Fujifilm cameras won't be directly impacted by the update, but any software you might use on your mac that interacts with your camera may not work properly for a while. Tethering apps in particular will likely be broken for a while to come. If these issues concern you TURN OFF AUTO UPDATE on your Mac.

Personally, I am considering dumping Mac for the first time in 20 years due to how poorly the last two upgrade cycles have gone for the operating system and accessories they have broken. The new design philosophy is also not for me. Be careful with the new software and hardware Apple is releasing because you can’t depend on your Mac just working as you expect anymore. Mac users are going to have to start doing their research before upgrading from now on or risk waiting months for their devices to be supported if support is added at all."


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