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Coronavirus deaths in perspective

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As of this month, there have been 1.34 million deaths attributed worldwide to the coronavirus. Okay, let's put this into some kind of perspective.

There are just over 7 billion people on planet earth. Assuming an average lifespan of 70 years (it's actually much lower) then that means over the next 70 years at least 7 billion people are going to die. That's not counting all those who will be born between now and then and who will also die during that time.

7 000 000 000 people dying in 70 years = 100 000 000 people dying around the world every year.

100 000 000 people dying every year means that 8.3 million people die every month.

This particular strain of coronavirus, which was developed in a laboratory, has been around for about a year and has contributed to the deaths of 1.34 million people. During that time, 100 000 000 people have actually died. Old age cannot be listed as a cause of death, so they have to attribute it to something so they can write their stupid medical reports. The coronavirus has only been responsible for around 1% of all the deaths that have occurred over the last year, and most of those deaths would have occurred anyway.

Meanwhile, with this effusive media coverage, criminals the world over are making fortunes from vaccines and face masks and the NHS and hospital bills. Truck loads and truck loads and truck loads of your money is going into their bank accounts. The criminal underworld is using a flu virus to swindle you out of mountains of your money and you're all too stupid to notice because you keep your heads immersed in their televisions.


And all the while this has been going on, laws have been hurriedly passed in every country on earth giving governments the powers to invoke martial law and declare curfews whenever they please. This was not done to protect you, it was done to protect them from the riots they know are coming when the world wakes up and sees just exactly who is running the world.

If you still believe what the BBC tells you, watch television, read magazines, and listen to their radio shows, your head is being filled with absolute garbage propaganda penned by criminals who hate you. The gas chambers of the New World Order have been constructed and are ready for use. What do you think this new vaccine for the whole world is all about? Taking care of you and protecting you? All roads lead to Rome. Better get your heads back into the bible folks, because it is the truth. Everything else is a lie.

There are answers.

Walking by the Spirit


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The BBC is at it again. News headline today is that 80,000 people in the UK have died from the flu since it started. The population of the UK is over 66 Million people. Assuming everyone lives for 70 years, which they don't, far from it, that means over 1 Million people in the UK have actually died during that time. For your information, the flu kills over 40,000 people every year and has done for decades. Keeping everyone indoors, separated from everyone else, and wearing facemasks outdoors has nothing whatsoever to do with keeping you safe. They want you to have their vaccine. I will not be having it.


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