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Talk about climbing the walls? No idea how long I've actually been working through all my old stock photos, remastering them for upload to my stock portfolio, but it's been a couple of years. Finished the job a few minutes ago. Oh boy, glad that's over. From now it will all be fresh photos to work with, wonderful.

Here is the very last archived photo I just worked on, which was taken on a trip to Stroma Island in July 2014. I'm tired of reworking these old photos. I guess you could say I've just completed my apprenticeship as a photographer. It's graduation day! What a lot of work to get here. 


And here is the first of a few new photos I took yesterday, a sanderling I met down the beach.


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It's one of the brand new P8 Poseidon anti-submarine aircraft arriving from the States.

"The first of the UK’s new P-8A Poseidon Maritime Patrol Aircraft will land at Kinloss Barracks in Scotland this week. The ‘Pride of Moray’ will arrive on Tuesday the 4th of February, between 1300-1500 at Kinloss Barracks in Scotland."

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