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The 21st Century Ho Chi Minh Trail

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Quoted from my book Walking by the Spirit which can be found here

World terrorism. Now there is a subject. World terrorism is simply breathtaking in scope and monstrous in execution. However, to put it into perspective, I believe terrorism could be stamped out all over the world in less than a week. God has the answers. The United Nations has nothing. It is the United Nations who recruits, trains, houses, feeds, and foments world terrorism all over the world in their quest for what they call world peace. They, along with the thousands of subversive criminal human rights organisations who operate within their frameworks are the heart of world terrorism. The International Red Cross is the 21st Century Ho Chi Minh trail that keeps the world's terror organisations supplied and operating through what they glibly term humanitarian aid. And guess what? God's people, christians, are so fucking stupid they donate their money to the world's charities.

Here is the IRC logo - make the whole world red

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