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The creators of the Gab social platform have put together a few other nice little things, such as a web browser called Dissenter. Here's what they say about it.




Dissenter is a fast ad-blocking web browser based on Brave, that puts control back in your hands. Dissenter Browser aims to reduce the amount of tracking and third-party connections which are made by modern browsers, and disable big tech control over what you can and can't do. The Dissenter extension is included, allowing you to join a comments section on any URL!


I've just installed it and it runs all my websites and all the websites I visit. It's fast because there are no ads or other hidden websites like google tracking you everywhere you go.

You can visit their website here

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Hey, check this out. I've been using Dissenter for about half an hour or so and inadvertently found this information. Check out the number of tracking attempts blocked in just half an hour. One of the websites I visited was the BBC News to see what shite they were printing today. Filthy place the BBC, absolutely filthy, run by peadophiles and scumbags.


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