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I'm adding another side to my photography to complement my stock portfolio. All these prints can be purchased in a variety of wall hangings and prints.


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Slight hiccup here, no one prints 16:9, I'm going to have to rework all my prints to 2:1 ratio. Strange, as TVs, monitors and phones are all 16:9 these days, and 16:9 is becoming the norm and looks far more natural. Time the print companies bought some new printers!


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Here we go then, had to resort to the original 3:2 ratio files. Everything is 16:9 these days but even the top class print labs are not geared up for printing 16:9. These prints are now available through a world class print lab in California. I could have used Loxley in Scotland, but hey, I figure most of my customers will be in the States. Postage to the UK wouldn't be that much really.




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