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Let There Be Light - Cover artwork

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With the final drafts of Paradise and Autism and the Truth now included in the third book of my Walking by the Spirit trilogy, I've decided to publish it in hard copy, both paperback and hardback. I'm on the final proof read of Let There Be Light before sending the manuscript off. This is time consuming work, and expensive as I'm paying for it, so be patient, it may take some time before the book is available in hard copy.

I've also been working on the cover artwork and thought you might like to see my design. The photo was taken on Brora beach with the Fuji 16-55mm, an absolutely gorgeous lens, and it was in fact the very first photo I ever took with that lens, so this cover design is very special to me. The dove obviously represents the gift of holy spirit and the energising of that spiritual power by speaking in tongues which brings light into our dark world. I'll start work on the text tomorrow.


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